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Back Roads Banter is the podcast for those who enjoy discovering new people, places, and things! Focusing on small towns (because c'mon, they never get enough credit), our aim was to find the hidden gems that make each place so unique!

Each episode will explore 1 small town in North America, and we'll find out what makes it so great by talking to those who know best: the locals.

Since travel is limited at the moment, we thought "what better time than now" to bring travel back to our listeners!

Big things can happen anywhere, even on a small town, back roads podcast...

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Melissa Plett

Creator, Director & Host 

Born in Manitoba (and having spent enough time in Quebec, and Tennessee to be considered an honorary local of each!), Melissa finds inspiration for her music wherever she goes. Back Roads Banter is a project 13 years in the making, aimed at helping small towns get on the map through the stories of local citizens.

Annie Gaumond

Head of Marketing & Research

Kevin Moquin

Lead Sound Engineer

Past Guests:

Bull Malone

Owner of Jiggy Rays

Elizabethton, TN.

Cornwall Tourism

Cornwall Tourisme

Cornwall, ON.

Sally Belangia

 Mayor of Oriental

Oriental, NC.

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Melissa Plett